About Us

A nation’s art is one of the most important expressions of its character. It can be boldly claimed that the art of Persian carpet weaving is an arena for the expression of the collective experience of all its national art. It encompasses all the inclinations, perspectives, and aspirations of the nation that is commensurate with the breadth and antiquity of Iran`s long history.


All this, in the past century, has inspired us to spare no effort in bringing these jewels of art to the attention of the world at large, and with our own special techniques we may:


– With precise and thoughtful expertise, introduce examples of antique and original Persian carpets to the world. 


– Repair, restore, and conserve worn-out carpets that are on the verge of disintegration and thereby show the changing styles of carpet weaving through the ages.


– Organize creative and private exhibitions in all corners of the world.


– Offer consulting services in the fields of marketing, export, customs, and other buyers.


Raaz Collection