About Kashan Rugs

The city of Kashan, with its 7500 years of antiquity, is the cradle of the civilization and the arts of Iran.

It is certain that the art of carpet weaving in this area has a very long history. The discovered pieces of the hand-woven carpets in Kashan area, with their beautiful and unique designs, show that this town in the distant past was one of the most famous centers of carpet weaving and hand-crafted arts in the world. Marco Polo in his writings has mentioned admirably the Kashan carpets.
I the more recent history, and especially during the Safavid Dynasty (16 century) the carpets created by the artists evolved to even more unique designs, and are displayed in a variety of art museums around the world.
The efforts of the carpet weavers of Kashan for keeping this art alive is commendable.