About  Nomadic and Illyrian Rugs

Exploring the wonderful and mostly unknown field of Illyrian art/industry – with the most excellent carpets woven by the fingers of women and girls-, Is a very difficult and valuable task.

What is crystallized in these works is a decorative form with a hidden secret handed down from their ancestors, which is the expression of their trust and the passion for evolution in life.

In principle, because of the historical, social, and thematic imagination, a latent art, with all its components, revolves (is born) around freedom and bravery.

A variety of designs and plans, an abundance of plant colors, and the high quality of hand-spun wool have been a factor in giving the art of carpet weaving in this region a rich status from ancient times to the present day that indicates magnificent and astonishing masterpieces. One can easily see the importance of placing these handicrafts in the evolutionary field of art, industry, and innovation in Iran.